Helena Seget

A strong animal theme is emerging in Helena Seget’s show of work for this year’s Spring Salon Sale, March 23rd 10 – 5.

In her studio (on the complex’s third floor) she’ll have her usual range of: ceramic shelves, porcelain jewellery, porcelain furniture and homeware (including her porcelain stationery range) – but Helena has been experimenting with variations on the forms, so you’ll see twists on themes that you haven’t seen before.


Porcelain table top on vintage coffee table legs

Paw prints for everybody

One experiment Helena’s quite excited about is paw-print casts in porcelain. She’ll have examples of some of those tiles (from different pets – including rats, dogs and cats) on display.  If you too are interested in a paw-print tile, I will be on hand to explain how it can be made to happen for your pet.

2. paw print tile

Tiles showing the paw prints of Hamish, a Lhasa Apso dog


Helena has also been developing her range of porcelain table-settings.  On display will be a set of place names which features images of animals (a tiger, bird heads, and swallows from the blue willow pattern).  They are re-usable of course, as one just writes the name of the guest on the place-name setting – which can be then easily wiped off when the meal is over!

3 - place name

Along side these will be a display of Helena’s ‘Crime Scene’-design plates, which feature silhouettes of dead animals.  (It’s a vegetarian angle…)

4 - Chicken Plate

Chicken Plate


It’s always interesting to be asked to work with a creative company, and Helena’s admired the work of the Newcastle firm Folded Square Origami for a long time – and now they will collaborate.

Folded Square creates rather amazing origami papers and kits (many of them in shapes of animals).

Helena has been photographing the fur of pets (ones whose paw impressions have been used to create paw-print tiles), re-interpreting the results as graphic art, and printing off the designs on to paper.
 So,  Folded Square will then create the same animal in origami (it could be a cat, for example) using the printed paper I supply.

5 - cat origami paper

This image was designed from a photo of the fur of Olive the cat – who was very patient in the photo session!

Thus, side-by-side, the paw-print tile and the origami figure will be a form of portrait of the animal.

Folded Square will also be exhibiting for the first time.  They will be putting on a display in Helena’s studio of fantastical origami insects – which she can’t wait to see!


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