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January 4, 2014

Print and Bookmaking workshops for 2014

Print & Book Making Workshops@36 Lime Street with Theresa Easton 

Hand made books by participants
Hand made books by participants

The first series of print & bookmaking workshops of 2014!   @36 Lime Street, these new print & bookmaking workshops offers participants  the chance to incorporate those creative talents into a series of hand printed and hand made books. These one day workshops  @36 Lime Street will give participants the chance to create their own hand designed note books, with colourful covers and a range of papers to transform into pages. Create your own quotes and phrase’s using wooden letterpress type.

Thrifty Tips Book for the Festival of Thrift

Dates include……….

Saturday 18th January or Saturday 15th February or Saturday 15th March or Saturday 5th April 10-4pm  £55

The first part of the day  introduces participants to a selection of simple printmaking techniques, that can be folded and stitched into a selection of hand made books suitable for your own project or a a series of bespoke gifts.

Available to buy at the end of the day, for £7.50, are beginners binding packs consisting of a folding bone, bookbinding needles and  linen thread to get you started at home.The workshop is ideal for those with no experience and those needing a refresher course.  Bring a project idea along or take part in the numerous possibilities that can produce your own unique books.

To book your place click:HERE

Email: Tel: 07981381830


Ouseburn Warehouse & Studios

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn

Newcastle, NE1 2PQ UK

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley, the cultural quarter of Newcastle and a stones throw away from Gateshead based, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art

If you can’t make either of these dates, why not sign up to the blog and receive regular updates of future workshops and events @36 Lime street.


November 25, 2011

Lime Street Looks Lush!

Level 3






























November 24, 2011

Latest News

Popolo Ceramico specialise in capturing baby & children’s hand and foot prints in paint, clay and plaster. They will be taking prints for Christmas in the Pottery from 10-4pm on Saturday and Sunday. They also offer a vast array of personalised ceramics which will also be on display in the Pottery, so please pop in and take a look. All orders can be personalised and all orders purchased this weekend can be guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

November 22, 2011

Porcelain jewellery workshops – over three Saturday mornings

A chance to make rings, pendants, brooches and badges.
Suitable for people with no or little experience of working with clay.

Helena Seget’s next workshop-series will centre on making jewellery from porcelain. The Newcastle-based artist admits that she is fascinated by porcelain – and wants to pass on her expertise and enthusiasm to others!
The three Saturday morning workshops in January (2012) will enable people to learn how to work with porcelain-clay, shape it, and fire it so that they come up with their own pieces. The sessions will all take place in Helena’s own studio – so the experience is as authentic as it gets.
See: <>  or phone for details on 07961 178 468

Helena Seget

Saturday 14th January 2012 – 10:00-12:00
Stage I – working with clay.   Includes: Wedging clay / Cutting clay / Joining clay / Making impressions
Saturday 21st January 2012 – 10:00 – 11:30
Stage II – working with biscuit-fired work (made in previous week).   Includes: Sanding, Painting on colour / Drawing and writing on fired clay
Saturday 28th January 2012 – 10:00 – 12:00
Stage III – Polishing, adding jump rings, gluing on brooch/ badge backs.
Participants are encouraged to bring any items they may wish to incorporate into finished jewellery pieces.

£55 for 6 hrs includes materials (porcelain, colours, jump rings and brooch backs) and firings.
Workshops available as Gift Vouchers.

A WORD ABOUT THE WORKSHOPS – Everything will kick off at 10 o’clock but I’ll be in the studio from 9:30 onwards, so if anyone arrives early they are welcome to share some refreshments with me.  If you’ve got a particular design in mind, an idea for a shape or if you have an object, which you would like to use to make an impression in soft clay, please bring them with you.  
There’s limited parking in the street in front of the studios, and a lot of parking spaces behind the studios, just off Foundry Lane.

To book a space, payment must be made in advance.

Questions? 07961 178 468 .  Hope to see you soon

November 18, 2011

36 Lime Street Grand Raffle at Ouseburn Open Studios

Enamelled jewellery by Allyson Blackman

This years Ouseburn Open Studios offers visitors something different with the 36 Lime Street Grand Raffle.   For more details visit 36 Lime Street Gallery 26th & 27th November 2011 for tickets and prizes.

Sparklehouse, jewellery by Allyson Blackman, can be found on Level 2 at 36 Lime Street.  Allyson Blackman has donated a selection of jewllery.  Allyson makes and sells handmade, copper, silver and enamel jewellery. Each individual piece is hand-cut and decorated using enamel and carefully selected sections of vintage Chintz china patterns.

Glass brooches by Sue Woolhouse and Bowl by Julia Roxburgh

 Original artwork has been donated by a selection of the creative practitioners based at 36 Lime Street.

Sue Woolhouse, architectural glass artist has donated a selection of glass brooches, usually retailing at £10 along with ceramic work by Julia Roxburgh  worth £40.   Julia Roxburgh’s studio can be found on Level 4 at 36 Lime Street.

Sue specialises in the design and fabrication of architectural glass, gifts and awards. Residencies are undertaken within schools, colleges and centres within the heart of the community.
Try your hand at glass fusing using bullseye in a creative and supportive environment with access to professional facilities. You can call Sue for further information regarding future workshops. Sue Woolhouse’s studio can be found on Level 1 at 36 Lime Street.


Helena Seget

Challenging standard approaches to design, Helena Seget’s passion lies in creating idiosyncratic pieces for interior spaces. Working purely in porcelain, her current portfolio includes shelves, floor tiles, furniture and wall art.
Helena also undertakes photographic projects – such as her ‘Tyneside Cinema Chairs’ series, and her collaborative work with her pet rat, ‘Tony Blair Artist-Rat’, which was reported on across the world.

Helena’s work is sold both privately and through local galleries. Commissions are welcomed.


Original Lithograph by Lee Turner, Hole Editions.


 Lee Turner (Hole Editions) has provided two original Lithographs depicting local scenes. Hole Editions is an independent printer and publisher of direct hand printed fine art lithographs. Collaborating with local, national and international artists.  Hole Editions can be found on Level 2 at 36 Lime Street.

Lee Turner

Steve Marshall 'Stranded Red Boat'

Stephen John  Marshall has worked as an artist in the community for many years either individually or with other artists, particularly Malcolm Smith.

The work he has undertaken covers a large range including banners, commissions, coordination of projects, events, murals, mosaics, sessional projects, teaching in schools and workshops.

 Louis Bradley, organiser of the Grand Raffle has a studio on Level 2 at 36 Lime Street and will be showing a selection of new work inclduing silk-screenprints made recently at Northern Print, also taking part in Ouseburn Open Studios.

Recent work by Louise Bradley

November 7, 2011

Hand made Printed Book Workshop

Printmaker Theresa Easton offers a one day workshop in printmaking and book binding.

The workshop aims to introduce you to simple, colourful print making using relief printing techniques and found materials.  The first part of the day will be spent creating experimental prints with a range of papers. If you have any ideas, bring these along, otherwise there are plenty in the studio. 

The afternoon session will give you the chance to transform your prints into unique artists books, such as ‘sculpture books’ which will fold into a small box, pamphlet stitch and concertina style books.

Amount: £55    

Date & Time; 18th February 2012 10-5pm

Location; 36 Lime street, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 2PQ

Group size; Maximum 5 adults

To book:  Payment must be made in advance

Telephone: Theresa Easton 07981381830

Email: for further information about a course, booking and local transport & accommodation details.

Printed, folded books

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


November 7, 2011

Silk Screen Printing onto Glass workshops 2012

Silk Screen Printing onto Glass with Theresa Easton

Where:   36 Lime street, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Cost: Two day workshop  £14o per person  including all materials 

 Chris Williams creating design work for glass.

The workshop aims to introduce you to simple stencil making and how to use glass enamels. The first day will explore mark making, layering and registration techniques.  

 Magdalena Marciniak taking part in one day workshop.

The workshop is aimed to provide you with skills and knowledge in setting up your own screen-printing facilities, either at home or in your studio. You will have the chance to design you own work ready to print the following day.  The second day will be spent learning techniques and printing onto the glass.  If you have any ideas to work from, bring them along. The glass size is A4, you will be provided with two pieces of float glass.  If you have ideas to work from you may want to make sure they fit A4.

Cost; £140   

Date & Time; 11th & 12th February 2012 10-5pm

Location; 36 Lime street, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 2PQ

Group size; Maximum 5 adults

To book:  Payment must be made in advance

Telephone: Theresa Easton 07981381830

Email: for further information about a course, booking and local transport & accommodation details.

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE12PQ

Enamelled Glass work for Enchanted Parks, Gateshead 2010 by Theresa Easton
November 7, 2011

Sue Woolhouse offers glass making workshops.

Sue Woolhouse cast glass

Come and try your hand at making some Xmas presents for family or friends in December. Alternatively for the first time Sue Woolhouse  is offering glass casting workshops run from her studio in the February 2012. Have a look on her website for more details of the full range of workshops available.

October 25, 2011

Create your own range of Christmas items, in porcelain, in three weekly workshops.

Every Saturday morning from 29th October at 36 Lime Street Studios, Ouseburn,Newcastle NE1 2PQ

Cost: £50 for 6 hours. Price includes clay, plus cost of firings, transfers and colours.  
By the finish of the sessions, you could have anything up to a dozen festive pieces to take away!


  • Bespoke decorations – can be made to match the interior design of your home
  • Unique Christmas gifts – made to your own design, or to a template

The workshops are designed both for people who have no previous knowledge of working with clay as well as for those with some.
The sessions are led by award-winning ceramic artist Helena Seget, in her own studio.

Places are limited.


Saturday 29th October 201110:00-12:00

Stage I – working with clay.   Includes: Wedging clay / Cutting clay / Joining clay / Making impressions


Saturday 5th November 201110:00 – 11:30

Stage II – working with biscuit-fired work (made in previous week).   Includes:  Painting on colour / Drawing and writing on fired clay


Saturday 12th November 201110:00 – 12:00

Stage III – working with glaze (using re-fired porcelain from previous week).  Includes: applying transfers


Optional 4th workshop: Saturday 19th November 201110:00 – 12:00 (cost: £20)

Stage IV – adding accessories, including ribbons



To book a space, payment must be made in advance.


Contact: Tel: 07961 178 468