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April 23, 2012

The Late Shows news

36 Lime Street will be taking part the citywide ‘Late Shows’ again this year.  Lime Street artists, designers and makers will be opening up their studios and offering workshops to late night visitors.
The exhibition in the gallery space ‘In Cahoots’ is themed on collaboration.  We will be sharing ideas and colluding to make exciting new work. Is this consensus or split personality art?
These events will take place in May on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th, 7-11pm
For further information contact Maggie Walker
Louise Bradley and Helena Seget
The famous children’s book ‘The Owl Service’ by Alan Garner provides the theme for this collaborative project between fine artist Louise Bradley and porcelain designer Helena Seget.  Louise’s graphics, full of mystery and allusion, match the sinuous forms of Helena’s hand-crafted plates to create a homage to the original owl ‘service’. In Garner’s book, published in 1967, and still a favourite, three young people discover some old plates with impressionistic patterns that come together to form designs of strange, symbolic owls, resurrecting a legendary ghost.
Both Louise Bradley and Helena Seget are based at 36 Lime Street Studios in Newcastle, which is also where the plates will be on display as part of the ‘In Cahoots’ exhibition during the Late Shows Event 2012.Louise will also be running a workshop creating 3-D paper owls.

Lee Turner runs Hole Editions, a collaborative printmaking workshop specializing in hand lithography from his studio on level 2 in 36 Lime Street. As part of ‘In Cahoots’ he is showing colour lithographs which have been produce closely with American artist David Leigh and our very own Lime Street based Paul Merrick.

Presented as part of The Late Shows 2012.

April 18, 2012

New Broadsides for The Late Shows @ 36 Lime Street Gallery

The Late Shows @ 36 Lime Street Gallery will be exhibiting  In Cahoots, an exhibition based on collaboration.

Presented as part of The Late Shows 2012.

The Late Shows marks the international event ‘Museums at Night’, which takes place across Europe. For further information visit

Theresa Easton will be presenting a series of traditional broadside responding to an article by Matt Carr, Riots, materialism and the political elite.

In the article, Carr refers to the expenses claims by MP’s and the lavish articles furnishing second homes.

Education Secretary Michael Gove, blamed last years riots on, ‘a culture of greed and instant gratification, rootless hedonism and amoral violence’.  Between 2005-07 Gove claimed £7,000 furnishing his north Kensington home:

£331 Chinon armchair

£493 Manchu cabinet

£134.50 on a pair of elephant lamps

£750 Loire table

£432  birch Camargue chair

£238.50.birdcage coffee table

Historically broadsides were printed onto one side of a large peice of paper advertising events and proclamations.  Popular in the 1700’s Theresa Easton uses  the motif of the Tree as a reference to political satire of the early 1800’s.

April 13, 2012

In Cahoots at The Late Shows

Presented as part of The Late Shows 2012.

The Late Shows marks the international event ‘Museums at Night’, which takes place across Europe. For further information visit


In Cahoots – a collaborative exhibition at 36 Lime Street Gallery during the Late Shows – see here for details of location.

Participants include Theresa Easton with Coalition of Resistance, Maggie Walker with Ruth Abbott, Louise Bradley with Helena Seget, Lee Turner with Hole Editions,