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May 31, 2012

The Late Shows @ 36 Lime Street Gallery

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May 30, 2012

International collaboration with Small Press Publishers Inchiostro’

Marina Chiocchetta, Demis Marturano, Rossella Marino and Monica Rocca form the small publishing house, Inchiostro’ working with print, paper pulp and sculpture.

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Inchiostro’ will be creating an exhibition of work in 36 Lime Streets Gallery in July 2012, with the focus on collaboration and exchange, a key to the production and creation of new work.  Connecting with Milan based Inchiostro, Theresa Easton , a studio member at 36 Lime street, is interested in building on past collaborations with the artist Marina Chiocchetta.  A body of paper based worksare currently evolving between the two parties, expanding into a visual dialogue and narrative.

The artists are interested in transforming the Gallery space into a working studio with work-in-progress ideas being transformed into finished pieces during the Ouseburn Festival 2012,  using a portable printing press and drawing equipment.  Visitors to the gallery would be able to observe the collaboration process at first hand.

May 23, 2012

36 Lime Street Late Shows 2012

For one night only Theresa Easton spent the evening in the spacious corridor of Level 3 at 36 Lime street printing a series of Political Broadsides.

The evening was busy with visitors choosing their broadsides, literally hot off the press!

The discussion board went down well, with a lively debate ensuing between contributors.

There were some sad and despondent stories from those recently made jobless and those with direct connections to the austerity measure brought in by the government.

I plan to continue the debate and use the suggestions and discussions in a new artist book which i plan to send to the individuals concerned!

May 1, 2012

Hole Editions at The Late Shows

Hole Editions, run by Lee Turner is a collaborative printmaking workshop, specializing in hand lithography. We work closely with artists to realise their ideas. By handling the technical considerations, processing of the stones and plates and the editioning of the prints, artists are able to focus their energies on the creative aspects of the project.
 – As well as browsing through our inventory of original lithographs you may have the chance to pull an impression from a lithographic stone.
May 1, 2012

Late Shows news! Scixxors Paper Stone

Scixxors Paper Stone
In an imaginative response to the soaring cost of precious metals silversmiths Leah Page and Tessa Holland have put down their jewellers’ tools to engage with simpler, more accessible materials.  Working together as scixxors paper stone they are creating a collection for the Late Shows that takes a satirical look at materialism and value in today’s society, playfully referencing the gap between rising aspirational consumption and falling incomes.

Prices from £3… Austerity Rocks !