Spring Salon Sale

Sunday 23rd March 2014
10am – 5pm  FREE ENTRY

The first Spring Salon brings two launches to Lime Street that celebrate the past and future of cultural heritage in the Ouseburn. Colin Hagan at Northern Design will be launching Sue Bright’s ‘Bridging the Ouseburn’, a 44 page book charting the history of bridges over the Lower Ouseburn Valley. Theresa Easton and the Ouseburn Farm will launch the Ouseburn Community Project, which invites local people to take part in designing a new printed brick trail.
36 Lime Street really is a must visit venue for the Spring Salon. Where else could you find yourself being painted into the latest Emma Holliday  (for a donation to The Blood Ivory Campaign), develop a passion for glass in Sue Woolhouse’s Ouseburn Glass Learners Zone, learn how to get your pet’s paw prints immortalised with ceramic artist Helena Seget, and get your hands on one of Louise Bradley’s exciting new prints for £25 in the first ever Silkscreen Slash Sale. Although many of the artists at Lime Street now accept credit cards, it is always worth bringing along cash or a chequebook to make sure you don’t miss out on that special bargain.
Other artists opening their studio doors will be:
Stevie Ronnie ; Lee Turner ; Julia Roxburgh ; Pete Flynn Leah Page ; Jim Edwards ; Zoe Garner ; Graham Warren ; Ross Mowbray ; Fiona Gray ; Joanne Mitchell ; Tim Kendall ; Natalie Bell ; Susannah Pickering ; Michael Armstrong ;Stephen Brown 


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