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September 15, 2013

Creative Placard Making Session 24th Sept 2013

placard making

Want to make your placard stand out on the National Demonstration outside the Tory Party Conference in Manchester Sunday 29th September?

You are welcome to drop by at the Gallery @36 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley NE1 2PQ Tuesday 24th September 6.30pm onwards.  Hosted by studio member Theresa Easton, this event builds on the success of the North East Peoples Assembly and an engaging presentation at a workshop with Phil Kitchen on using Creative Practice to fight in Injustice.

Placard Making @36 Lime Street Gallery
Placard Making @36 Lime Street Gallery

Also on display in the gallery will be The Book of Cuts: a series of handmade, concertina style books responding to recent national austerity measures and the global economic crisis. It is a collaborative project with contributions from members of the public from all walks of life.  The book is an on-going national & international project and encourages everyone to contribute their personal response to the current economic climate.  Send your drawings, collages, photographs, statements, text, poems, to be considered: via email or post to: FAO Theresa Easton, Ouseburn Warehouse Studios & Workshops, 36 Lime Street, Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 2PQ.  For more information click HERE

September 8, 2013

New silk screen prints by Louise Bradley for Brighton Art Fair

Brighton Art Fair, from September 20th to 22nd, is celebrating its 10th year and is bringing together over 100 of the best contemporary artists from the UK and abroad.  This includes 36 Lime Street’s Louise Bradley, who’ll be showing new silk screen prints and drawings.

Contact Louise if you’ll be in the area for tickets – via her website


September 3, 2013

From the City to the Coast An exhibition of new paintings by Jim Edwards

Summer Road to Bamburgh

Summer Road to Bamburgh

For his latest exhibition, Jim has created a new selection of paintings that reflect his fondness for the North East.  From the structure and busyness of the city to the freedom and isolation of the coast.

In previous work, Jim preferred to keep the cluttered elements of the cityscape separate from his coastal and landscape painting.  Both very different in composition and atmosphere; and also requiring a different approach when painted.  In these new paintings, Jim hopes to compliment the rigid man-made structures of the cityscape, with the calmer solitude of the seascape.   And what a difference there is between Newcastle and the Northumberland Coast, even with their close proximity.  The juxtaposition of these two elements are one of the joys of living and working in the North East.

36 Lime Street Gallery


Newcastle upon Tyne


Preview  –  Friday 13th September,  6 – 8pm

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September,   11 – 5pm

Monday 16th – Friday 20th September , By Appointment

Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd September,  11 – 5pm.

Many Ouseburn Bridges at night

Many Ouseburn Bridges at night

Jim Edwards is best known for his depictions of iconic buildings and bridges of the North East. His work falls into two genres, contemporarycityscapes and abstract paintings inspired by manmade forms and buildings. Both styles follow a theme of architecturally inspired  structures and dominating linear form.

Edwards’ cityscape paintings are not studies from life, nor is he trying to capture a particular viewpoint. His paintings have their origin in memory, how he remembers the workings and landmarks of the city, rather than a straightforward representation. The compositions evolve from a combination of imagination and selective memory, which are then altered and exaggerated. Certain buildings are forgotten or simplified, creating a personal view of the city.

Jim recently returned to Newcastle following a brief spell living and working in Northumberland, which inspired a more rural direction in his paintings. And like his cityscape paintings his new body of work focuses on manmade structures in the open landscape, of isolated farmhouses and the network of geometric walls stretched over hillsides.

Jim Edwards

Studio 5B

36 Lime Street Studios


Newcastle upon Tyne





We all Float Down Here

We all Float Down Here

September 1, 2013

Festival of Thrift & Self-publishing in Milan & zine making

Festival of Thrift @ Lingfield Point, Darlington Saturday 21st & 22nd September

work in prog1

Work in progress by Theresa Easton  & Kay Henderson for the Alternative Village Fete explores the history of Broadsides and printed pamphlets utilising George Osborne’s now catch phrase ‘We are all in this together’ ( no we aren’t George!)

Visitors to the stall at The Alternative Village Fete will be presented with a selection of hand printed broadsides
recounting numerous home remedies, promoting self-help solutions which will captivate an audience in discussion and dialogue. Visitors will be encouraged to note down their own family remedy, ready to be printed into a handmade broadside using traditional wooden type. Pegged up on a washing line style drying system, the stall will present a colourful combination of Northern folklore and practical home grown customs.
The broadsides reference home grown tips and suggestions of everything to do and how to do it from ‘Enquire Within upon Everything’, of 1889, and ’Model Cookery and Housekeeping Book’, of the same year. Selected tips and guides will be chosen from the books for reproduction using hand printed type, silk screen printing and laser printing. For example, To render linen &c., incombustible – dip in a solution of tungstate of soda or common alum’ or ‘Dry bread should be pounded for puddings, or soaked for brewis’.
‘Broadsides and Broadsheets historically were single sheets of paper printed on one side
with either ballads, announcing events, proclamations or advertisements, often pinned in taverns and cottages.

Visitors will be given the opportunity to take a broadside away in return for leaving a suggestion of how the austerity measures can be best tackled or provide a home remedy idea. Visitors will be shown how to bind the sheets into a simple handmade book that they can complete at home or at a later date, thereby creating their very own contemporary Enquire Within upon Everything’, or ’Model Cookery and Housekeeping Book’

Fest Thrift EastonLarge

Easton & Henderson incite an emotive response to the current political climate, with
debate and dialogue a key to making tangible what is said using the printed form.

Taking part in this years I Libri Liberi in Milan, Italy.  Theresa Easton will be showing a selection of hand printed broadsides referencing a number of events she has  taken part in recently including Newcastle’s Late Shows @36 Lime Street and Stevie Ronnies Dear Angel exhibition @the Globe Gallery, Newcastle.

Photo Credit Colin Davison
Photo Credit Colin Davison

The events provided the visiting public with the opportunity to leave comments for a range of political and economic leaders.  The messages have been transcribed into a series of self-published zines, ready for distribution at the self-publshing book fair.  Alongside the zines Theresa will be exhibiting some of the original broadsides from the North of England Institute for Mining and Mechanical Engineering as well as contemporary messages from the visiting public translated into traditional broadsides.  For those interested in Zine making why not make it down to………

Canny Little Library + Zine-Making

3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Sunday 8 September 2013

The Canny Little Library stocks books, zines and pamphlets with a focus on titles with a more critical stance towards the society we live in and not available in most regular libraries/ bookshops. All titles are available to browse and borrow for free.  @ Star & Shadow