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July 29, 2012

Last day @ 36 Lime Street of Scripta Manent

The last day of Scripta Manent by Inchio`stro & Theresa Easton was a busy day working with a number of visitors to the gallery taking part in the word book project.


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July 28, 2012

Inchio`stro @ 36 Lime Street

Inchio`stro were in the gallery @ 36 Lime Street Saturday, introducing visitors to their word book project with beautifully made books from hand made paper.  Theresa Easton, 36 Lime Street member and fellow collaborator, was on hand to provide some printing ideas and techniques as part of the joint collaboration.

Visitors were encouraged to join the game and create their own stories around the theme’s set by the Inchio`stro team.

Working in the gallery I was able to experience at first hand the groups way of working and the discussions that took place around decisions and ideas.

Joining in the afternoon’s session were the Davenport family and a creation developed around the dancing crocodile.


Plentyof  help is on hand from the Inchio`stro team, but if you have had your porridge in the morning, then you are welcome to use the press!

The Inchio`stro team were well fed by local cuisine from the new food to go and sit in venue, Ernest, corner of Boyd Street in the Ouseburn.  Thanks to Gavin for a much appreciated delivery!

Later, Wajid Hussain co-founder of Urbane, based at Newcastle’s newest transformation, The Beacon, formerly a fire station, dropped in to exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as taking time to design and print a book.  More images of Wajid’s work to follow in the next post.

Sunday plans to be another busy day with fellow poets, printers and interested parties dropping by.

July 23, 2012

Ouseburn Festival 2012

The sun came out…finally for the Ouseburn Festival on Sunday 22nd with visitors to the gallery topping 450!

























Monica Rocca, visiting artist from Milan and part of the Inchio`stro team led a drop in screen print workshop with visitors to the Gallery @ 36 Lime street.

The gallery became a micro-studio for two days, during which Inchio`stro and Theresa Easton worked together developing ideas and a creating new works in progress to add to the exhibition @ 36 Lime Street.

When space around the table got quite busy, help was on hand for visitors to create their own unique stamped book.

Next weekend, Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th 12-5pm the gallery will once again become a place for exchange and collaboration.  Inchio`stro plan to arrive with selected words for visitors to  choose for the Inchio`stro team to transform into an illustrated story created in the gallery  in collaboration with printmaking from Theresa Easton.

Visitors are welcome to drop by between 12-5pm Saturday 28th July & Sunday 29th July.

36 Lime Street

Ouseburn Valley

Newcastle NE1 2PQ

tel; 07981381830 or email   for more details.

July 19, 2012

36 Lime Street FREE Prize Draw

36 Lime Street Free Prize Draw

To enter, just leave your email address at 36 Lime St during Gallery Opening times and you will receive Gallery Exhibition invites, Open Studios details, Ouseburn Festival and Late Shows information and if you are lucky…a voucher!

Prizes include £10 Fenwicks Gift Voucher, £15 Eldon Square Shopping Voucher & £10 Newcastle Arts Centre Gift Voucher.

Inchio’stro & Theresa Easton     ‘Scripta Manent’

Friday 20th July – Sunday 29th July
Gallery opening times:
Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd July, 12pm – 5pm
Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th July, 12pm – 5pm
Ouseburn Festival Print Activity:
Sunday 22nd July, 4pm – 6pm

Friday 20th July, 6pm – 8pm

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn

Newcastle upon Tyne, NE12PQ

May 30, 2012

International collaboration with Small Press Publishers Inchiostro’

Marina Chiocchetta, Demis Marturano, Rossella Marino and Monica Rocca form the small publishing house, Inchiostro’ working with print, paper pulp and sculpture.

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Inchiostro’ will be creating an exhibition of work in 36 Lime Streets Gallery in July 2012, with the focus on collaboration and exchange, a key to the production and creation of new work.  Connecting with Milan based Inchiostro, Theresa Easton , a studio member at 36 Lime street, is interested in building on past collaborations with the artist Marina Chiocchetta.  A body of paper based worksare currently evolving between the two parties, expanding into a visual dialogue and narrative.

The artists are interested in transforming the Gallery space into a working studio with work-in-progress ideas being transformed into finished pieces during the Ouseburn Festival 2012,  using a portable printing press and drawing equipment.  Visitors to the gallery would be able to observe the collaboration process at first hand.