Dr Chun-Chao Chiu will be exhibiting a collection of a Chinese Brush Paintings.

25th JANUARY to 9th MARCH 2013
Newcastle Arts Centre,
67 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SG,
IMG_3441-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å IMG_3385-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å IMG_3381-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å IMG_3379-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å IMG_3345-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å IMG_3344-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å IMG_3334-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å IMG_2714-1_Þ¬+µò¦ÕñºÕ¦Å


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