Late Shows line up @36 Lime Street

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This years late night cultural experience brings a record number of studios opening their doors @36 Lime Street as part of the annual Late Shows events.

30 Studios at 36 Lime Street will be opening their doors Friday 16th May  and Saturday 17th May 7-11pm.

There will also be two special exhibitions:Collective, a pop-up exhibition with shop in our entrance gallery, and 30 Years of Making it in the Ouseburn, tracing 36 Lime Street’s fascinating history, told in members’ own words and photo archive on level one.

36 Lime Street Late Shows Activities include;

‘Collective Collage’ drop-in session with Maggie Walker on level 1 (both nights)

‘The Learning Zone @ Ouseburn Glass ‘ a drop-in session with Sue Woolhouse on level 1 (both nights)
Here’s an opportunity to have a quick go at a few processes and chat to Sue and Laura about developing your own creative ideas.

‘Message in a Bottle’ origami drop-in session with Louise Bradley on level 2 (Saturday night only)
The idea is to slow down messages and think about them more, as a contrast to emails, tweets and texts. Words are precious, and the paper bottles can be sent in the post. Take time making your ‘envelope’ and choose your words with care.

‘Print your own Artists’ Union England broadside’ with Theresa Easton and members of Artists’ Union England, a trade union for visual and applied artists launched on 1st May as part of International Labour Day. Artists’ Union England is the first trade union in England for visual and applied artists, since the dissolution of The Artists’ Union in 1984.  

Founding members of Artists’ Union England and union members will be opening their studio doors during the North Easts annual evening of after-hours culture, to celebrate the formation of Artists’ Union England. Visual artist Emily Porter based at the Biscuit Tin will be opening her studio to mark this inaugural occasion, visiting public will have the opportunity to engage in discussion and add their creative contributions to The Book of Cuts.  Saturday night only, further afield in Gateshead’s Old Town Hall, artists from East Street Arts will be showcasing hand printed clothing with messages of solidarity and unity in support of Artists’ Union England.  Look out throughout the Late Shows evening for Artists’ Union England supporters with their decorative May Day placards and slogan inspired outfits.

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