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November 6, 2013

Studio Availability

Studio 5WS is available for reassignment this autumn
studio available now

Studio 5WS is an L shaped, small studio / large cupboard at the top of the stairwell on the top floor of the building. The previous tenant used this space as a small office for a while and has since being using it as storage. As a result it is in need of some attention, and the walls could do with being brushed back before applying a coat of anti-damp paint. There are two single strip lights in the room and two double sockets on the wall to the left of the door. The studio has no windows.

Quarterly rent of £82.25
The exiting Member is looking for a £237.50 Premium to re-assign the lease.

Bills Electricity is charged on a usage basis with the cost of the communal areas shared between studios. Members are responsible for arranging their rates and other utilities as well as supplying and maintaining appropriate fire safety equipment for their practice, PAT testing their portable appliances and inspections of other electrical supplies.

Studio Management 36 Lime Street provides affordable studios by keeping management fees to a minimum. The studios are run by it’s Members, from taking responsibility for fire safety to overseeing building works, putting the bins out to organising exhibitions and studio tours, open studios and other events, redecorating corridors and sitting on the Board of Directors. All Members are expected to contribute to the running of the studios. An average of 5 General Committee meetings are held each year and the Board of Directors meet once a month.

Viewings Viewings will take place at 1pm on Wednesday 20th of November. If you would like to view the studio on this date please confirm your attendance with Rachel Bollen via email: If you are unable to make this date the studio will also be available to view during our Open Studio event, 10am – 6pm on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th November.

Interviews Will be held during the morning of Thursday 28th November. Deadline for interview request 12pm Monday 25th November. Please contact Rachel to request an interview:

36 Lime Street Ltd’s guiding principle is to provide secure, affordable studio spaces for rent for creative artists, and in doing so to contribute towards the regeneration of the building and the area. We aim to foster the principles of co-operation in members involvement with industry and commerce, training and education, and leisure and recreational activities.

36 Lime Street is proud to be a member of the National Federation of Artists’ Studio Providers.


November 6, 2013

Joseph Hillier Incremental Objects


Saturday 9th November, 6pm – 8pm

@ 36 Lime Street Gallery
Saturday 9th – Sunday 17th November

Gallery opening times:
Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th November, 11am – 5pm

Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th November, 11am – 5pm

Saturday 9th November, 6pm – 8pm


Joseph Hillier is best known for his monumentally scaled sculpture for public sites in the UK and Ireland. This exhibition opens other parts of his practice to view. These new bodies of work are made on a more intimate scale and include tentative drawings and digitally rendered objects.

The exhibition includes two digitally made series of sculpture. The first of these groups captures the human body in motion sequentially through time and condenses these frames of movement into singular objects. The capture of human movement through the use of computer animation and CNC machining re-examine modernist experiments by futurists in contemporary, digital terms. The ability to capture and describe human movement through these digital means represents human actions as biomorphic abstracted, tangible and miniaturised objects.

The second of these groups are 3 small figure studies laser cut in steel, these figures appear to sleep or have been knocked unconscious, they are rendered like geological strata in many curving layers. The timelessness and specifics of their making are at odds. Knockout 2 is made from motion capture-data of a boxer knocked unconscious. The piece spawned the further 2 sleeping figures.

Further drawings in the exhibition are made over found fashion photographs of models. Their juxtaposition with freehand drawing creates an ambiguous relationship, and a potent reviewing of the human form in a contemporary context.

“By rendering the human form in new processes and through geometric operations, I aim to re-view ourselves, in many terms: from our atomic makeup to our societal structures. If in doing this I create an image of humanity which belongs to it’s place, the here and now, and yet takes part in a timeless act, to recreate our image in sculptural form, then I may have made something pertinent and beautiful, to hang a question on.”

About 36 Lime Street’s Gallery Programme

As part of a wider audience development plan, 36 Lime Street is proud to present a series of new projects for the third year of its gallery space. A new programme of exhibitions and events has been co-ordinated to run from May 2013 through to January 2014 which will encompass painting, sculpture, installation, drawing and three-dimensional design.

If you would like to be informed about the forthcoming exhibitions, or would like to be considered for next years programme of exhibitions please contact with your contact details.