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August 27, 2013

Russell Maurice: Instructional Objects in the Midday Mist

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This new body of work,  comprising altered photographs of random Northumbrian ruins and sculptural objects,  smears from Neo Neo Romanticism through a pastel puddle of Surrealism en route to a white gloved handful of Comic Abstraction.

Reassessing the Cartoon’s low-brow reputation, disembodied forms float in the midday mist,  presenting simplified comic imagery as purified form. The indexical objects added to the photographs mirror the way information is recorded and conveyed in Alchemy, adding to the already present ambiguity. The works hold an abstract narrative with a presence of the fantasmal,  indicating a desire to re-enchant or mythologise contemporary reality. Concerned with the more metaphysical aspects of the natural, particularly the spirit world, concepts of ghosting and theories on the after life. Maurice is objectifying the non-solid to analyse the forms spirits could take and at times what forms are generally accepted in their cultural representations.

Russell Maurice was born in 1975 in Newcastle. He now lives in London.

Opening Friday 30th August 6 – 9pm,
Sat 31st Aug,  12 – 6pm ,
Sat 7th Sept,  1.30 –  6pm ,
Sat 14th Sept,  12 –  6pm ,
And all other times by appointment call:  07837 586913

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