Calligraphy & Print @36 Lime Street

lindisfarne 013

Maggie Parker and Dawn Douglas, both popped into the studio on Wednesday night with the aim of creating a series of prints connected to a number of Calligraphy projects including the ‘Letters for Lindisfarne’ project initiated by Susan Moor.

The project involves a number of artists and calligraphers each contributing to a contemporary interpretation of the Gospels, later to be bound into a book by Susan Moor.  The project celebrates the return to the North East of the original gospels.

Maggie & Dawn are both members of East Durham Artists Network which has an active membership and programme of exhibitions.  The Gospels return to the North East in July 2013.

lindisfarne 017 lindisfarne 018 louise mc1 Pages for Lindesfarne Pages for Lindesfarne.jpg2


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