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July 28, 2012

Inchio`stro @ 36 Lime Street

Inchio`stro were in the gallery @ 36 Lime Street Saturday, introducing visitors to their word book project with beautifully made books from hand made paper.  Theresa Easton, 36 Lime Street member and fellow collaborator, was on hand to provide some printing ideas and techniques as part of the joint collaboration.

Visitors were encouraged to join the game and create their own stories around the theme’s set by the Inchio`stro team.

Working in the gallery I was able to experience at first hand the groups way of working and the discussions that took place around decisions and ideas.

Joining in the afternoon’s session were the Davenport family and a creation developed around the dancing crocodile.


Plentyof  help is on hand from the Inchio`stro team, but if you have had your porridge in the morning, then you are welcome to use the press!

The Inchio`stro team were well fed by local cuisine from the new food to go and sit in venue, Ernest, corner of Boyd Street in the Ouseburn.  Thanks to Gavin for a much appreciated delivery!

Later, Wajid Hussain co-founder of Urbane, based at Newcastle’s newest transformation, The Beacon, formerly a fire station, dropped in to exchange ideas and knowledge, as well as taking time to design and print a book.  More images of Wajid’s work to follow in the next post.

Sunday plans to be another busy day with fellow poets, printers and interested parties dropping by.