International collaboration with Small Press Publishers Inchiostro’

Marina Chiocchetta, Demis Marturano, Rossella Marino and Monica Rocca form the small publishing house, Inchiostro’ working with print, paper pulp and sculpture.

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Inchiostro’ will be creating an exhibition of work in 36 Lime Streets Gallery in July 2012, with the focus on collaboration and exchange, a key to the production and creation of new work.  Connecting with Milan based Inchiostro, Theresa Easton , a studio member at 36 Lime street, is interested in building on past collaborations with the artist Marina Chiocchetta.  A body of paper based worksare currently evolving between the two parties, expanding into a visual dialogue and narrative.

The artists are interested in transforming the Gallery space into a working studio with work-in-progress ideas being transformed into finished pieces during the Ouseburn Festival 2012,  using a portable printing press and drawing equipment.  Visitors to the gallery would be able to observe the collaboration process at first hand.


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