Printmaking Workshops at 36 Lime Street

Theresa Easton delivers regular printmaking workshops at 36 Lime Street from the ground floor studio on Level 1 shared with architectural glass artist Sue Woolhouse. Her recent workshops have included Print and Bookbinding, a fun and simple morning workshop exploring layers of colour and direct mark making.

Print and Bookbinding Workshop

The afternoon was spent stitching, gluing and folding, with lots of goodies to take away at the end of the day.

The glass and silk screen printing weekend worked with glass artists from around the country and local participants from the region.

Fired Glass

The two days are full of opportunities to explore simple silk screen printing techniques onto glass using a wide range of glass enamels.

Theresa programs the workshops to respond to individual needs, catering for everyone’s hopes and aspirations including making bespoke wedding gifts!  Theresa also offers bespoke one-to-one sessions, in glass and printmaking, helping individuals with private projects and commissions.  For more information contact

36 Lime street offers a range of workshops in Ceramics, Lithography and Glass making.

Helena Seget delivers regular gift making workshops in ceramics.  Lee Turner, of Hole Editions  specialises in traditional Lithography, offering a bespoke service.  Sue Woolhouse offers participants the chance to create beautiful glass pieces in casting workshops and fused glass projects.

For further information contact the artists individually.


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