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November 22, 2011

Make a snowflake label and buy some original hand made books.

 Ouseburn Open Studios at 36 Lime Street 26th & 27th November 2011

Theresa Easton shares a studio with Sue Woolhouse on Level 1 at 36 Lime Street and will be offering visitors to the studio the chance to make their very own embossed  Christmas snowflake label.  Suitable for beginners, adults & children





















Studio work on sale includes hand made printed books, enamelled glass and original prints and if you fancy a go yourself you can buy ‘Make you own book kit’ for £4.50.  The kit includes a selection or Japanese paper, folded book paper, ephemera, coloured card & instructions.

November 22, 2011

Porcelain jewellery workshops – over three Saturday mornings

A chance to make rings, pendants, brooches and badges.
Suitable for people with no or little experience of working with clay.

Helena Seget’s next workshop-series will centre on making jewellery from porcelain. The Newcastle-based artist admits that she is fascinated by porcelain – and wants to pass on her expertise and enthusiasm to others!
The three Saturday morning workshops in January (2012) will enable people to learn how to work with porcelain-clay, shape it, and fire it so that they come up with their own pieces. The sessions will all take place in Helena’s own studio – so the experience is as authentic as it gets.
See: <>  or phone for details on 07961 178 468

Helena Seget

Saturday 14th January 2012 – 10:00-12:00
Stage I – working with clay.   Includes: Wedging clay / Cutting clay / Joining clay / Making impressions
Saturday 21st January 2012 – 10:00 – 11:30
Stage II – working with biscuit-fired work (made in previous week).   Includes: Sanding, Painting on colour / Drawing and writing on fired clay
Saturday 28th January 2012 – 10:00 – 12:00
Stage III – Polishing, adding jump rings, gluing on brooch/ badge backs.
Participants are encouraged to bring any items they may wish to incorporate into finished jewellery pieces.

£55 for 6 hrs includes materials (porcelain, colours, jump rings and brooch backs) and firings.
Workshops available as Gift Vouchers.

A WORD ABOUT THE WORKSHOPS – Everything will kick off at 10 o’clock but I’ll be in the studio from 9:30 onwards, so if anyone arrives early they are welcome to share some refreshments with me.  If you’ve got a particular design in mind, an idea for a shape or if you have an object, which you would like to use to make an impression in soft clay, please bring them with you.  
There’s limited parking in the street in front of the studios, and a lot of parking spaces behind the studios, just off Foundry Lane.

To book a space, payment must be made in advance.

Questions? 07961 178 468 .  Hope to see you soon

November 22, 2011

Research project: What is preciousness?

Over the weekend of the 36 Lime Street Open Studios Tessa Holland will be opening her workshop on Level 4.  There will be jewellery to buy and work in progress to ponder, but also… 
Please come and participate in a short exercise and interview investigating our human impulse to collect and cherish objects.
Tessa Holland
Tessa says:  As well as making jewellery, I am studying part-time for a Masters in Anthropology (Sustainability, Culture and Development) at Durham University.  My dissertation title is not quite crystallised yet, but the broad theme grows from my work the with so-called ‘precious metals’, wondering what has made them almost universally prized across cultures and times, and questioning the intrinsic part they now play in global financial markets.   As part of shedding light on this I am interested in the very personal impulses that make certain objects or materials attractive to us. To this end I have devised a little game, and it would be great if members of the public would give a few minutes of their time (maybe ten?) to take part.
36 Lime Street Open Studios, 26th and 27th November, 10am to 6pm.